A quest for

Versatile uses.

Innovative, versatile multi-tools that solve almost any repair or DIY problem you encounter - all nestled snugly in your pocket.

Our Vision

To have one smart tool of DRFRIEDELS® in every household by the end of the decade.

Our mission is to combine the best of all worlds producing intelligent solutions giving you innovation at hand. 

who we are

Our mission is to combine the best tools with the most innovative ideas, high quality, and robustness by relentless improvement. We are on a quest to make sure that your tools are always ready when they are needed. Our goal is to create products that you can rely on in any situation – whether at home or abroad. We take pride in our high quality tools and materials that help you accomplish your goals faster, smarter and better. They come with an array of features – from survival cards with 11 functions to multi-tools with universal sockets – designed for maximum efficiency. All our tools have been carefully designed in Germany, where we strive for excellence through innovation and quality.

“We live in exciting times of great potentials. Digitalization allows a wide range of disciplines and technologies to be combined faster than ever, driving innovation at all levels with an incredible speed. With our company we would like to lever this trend and be frontrunner in the development of smart tools. We would like to combine the potential of interdisciplinary thinking with high quality and maximized usefulness. Surprising you and making you smile. ”
Dr. Friedel , Founder

Sharing the same drive, regardless of where you are heading.

The nylon carry case simply attaches to your belt so your DRFRIEDELS® Multi-Tool is always close to hand while working

Our DRFRIEDELS® 11 in 1 credit card-sized mini survival tool perfectly fits in your wallet.